We provide our clients with in-depth analysis of political, security and economic developments in the Balkans, both region-wide and country specific but always tailored to their needs. With our network of analysts embedded throughout the region and immersed in the latest information at its source, we not only explain to our clients specific events but also provide foresight regarding risks and opportunities.


Corporate Investigations

BIRN Consultancy handles a wide range of corporate investigations and integrity due diligence cases. Our clients come to us when considering a new business relationship or when they are worried about an existing one running into problems. We answer their questions but also point out issues which they might have missed.



Whether our clients are entering a new market, expanding existing projects or exploiting other opportunities, we help them make informed decisions in uncertain political, regulatory and commercial conditions. Irrespective of whether our clients need to understand the wider business environment, a specific sector or map key decision makers, we carry out research and provide analysis based on their needs.


Tailored to your needs

Sometimes the needs of our clients require a mix of all of our services or relate to a niche problem that does not fall neatly into any of the above categories. Some problems require multi-jurisdictional investigations and analysis. Whatever the brief, we can assemble the most relevant expertise to provide answers for our clients based on their needs.

Who we are

BIRN Consultancy is an analysis, advisory and corporate investigation consultancy with a regional focus on the Balkans. Unlike our competitors, we are based in the Balkans, in close proximity to the variety of information that our clients need to navigate the web of complexity that the region represents from a political, business, regulatory and compliance point of view. Uniquely, our team of analysts and experts combines a mix of deep local knowledge together with an understanding of the needs and best practices of our clients based outside the region.

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  • Montenegro PM ‘Feels Safe’ After Alleged Coup Plot
    Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said he feels safe even though the Serbian government claimed it had intelligence showing that the Montenegrin premier had been under threat from alleged coup plotters.
  • Bosnian Serbs Make Concession on Disputed Holiday
    MPs in Bosnia’s Serb-dominated Republika Srpska entity voted to make the entity’s annual holiday a secular event, after the state Constitutional Court ruled it unlawful, saying it discriminated against non-Orthodox Christians.
  • Romanian Liberals Back PM for New Term
    Leaders of the National Liberal Party, the second-largest party in parliament, unanimously nominated technocratic PM Dacian Ciolos for a new term, but he insisted they must support his reform ideas.
  • Croatia Ex-President Warns of Plan to Break Up Bosnia
    Former Croatian President Stjepan Mesic warned that Bosnian Serb and Bosnian Croat leaders are cooperating over a shared aim of breaking up Bosnia and Herzegovina, which could lead to war.

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