Western Balkans Stability Monitor

As the flame of civic protest spreads across the Balkans and opposition parties radicalise their efforts to dislodge sitting governments, the new edition of the Western Balkans Stability Monitor brings you in-depth analysis of the dynamics driving (in)stability, as well as our own foresight into where events are heading.

The Western Balkans Stability Monitor is a product which BIRN Consultancy, part of the BIRN network, is pleased to offer to all institutions and individuals with an interest in the Balkans around the world.

The Stability Monitor will analyse developments and trends with an eye on events that have the potential to destabilise countries, governments, societies or the fragile region itself. Aside from providing insights into what is going on, it will also offer foresight regarding where individual countries, societies and the region are heading, with a focus on developments that have the ability to destabilise. The Western Balkans Stability Monitor covers Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia and will be published on a bi-monthly basis.


We invite you to read the first two reports available on this page. Future issues of the Western Balkans Stability Monitor will be available to subscribers only. Individual reports will be sold for €250 euros, while we offer a discounted price of €1200 for annual subscribers. For subscription information, please contact [email protected]