At BIRN Consultancy, our analysts monitor and examine a wide range of political, economic, security, social and human rights developments within their countries. They also work together to better understand the cross-border effect of certain events and trends in a region with a high degree of interdependence and history of conflict. Their understanding is strengthened through contacts with a very broad range of human sources.

This knowledge is then turned into the insights we provide to our clients. Our products range from standardised monitoring of political, economic and security events and trends in the region to more in-depth bespoke reporting tailored to a client’s specific needs. Our clients are both governmental and private sector. Regardless of their background, we help them to understand the driving factors behind specific events.

When it comes to private sector clients, we place a particular emphasis on helping them to understand and anticipate government actions and policy trajectories. Local political logic is often far from intuitive for investors, bankers or businesses outside the region. By helping our clients to understand it, we ultimately help them to understand how it will impact market outcomes and their own operations.

Above all, we like to work one-on-one with our clients, hear what they know and help them to identify what they do not know but need to know. We then do our research, talk to our sources, cross-check all the facts and come back with detailed, objective and well-informed analyses that answer all the questions jointly identified.