Corporate Investigations

BIRN Consultancy conducts varied corporate investigations for its clients, ranging from banks to investment funds, and multinational to individual investors. We also partner with major consultancies outside the region to conduct investigations within south-east Europe.

Our range of services includes:

  • integrity due diligence
  • litigation support
  • asset searches
  • employee screening
  • business intelligence
  • ad-hoc investigations.

Most often, our clients turn to us because they need a thorough and objective assessment of the reputational and regulatory risks associated with a particular business partner or venture. In some cases this is necessitated by legislation, such as the UK Bribery Act or the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. More typically, our clients turn to us because they realise that the opportunities that present themselves in south-east Europe are intertwined with high risks which they seek to minimise.

Our clients have approached us both prior to entering into a major transaction, acquisition or joint venture, in order to better understand who they will be doing business with, but also much later in the process, when an investment or joint venture has proven to be problematic for any number of reasons.

The reason that they choose us is because our researchers and investigators have a thorough knowledge of what information is available and where to find it. Our proximity to the relevant records means that we are able to search not just electronic databases with ease but also physical records. However, no picture is complete without consulting human sources, where we have access to an unrivalled network. In this regard, we take care to distinguish rumours from information we we determine as fact, as well as making clear to our clients the degree of confidence that we have in the information we have received.