BIRN Consultancy is an independent analysis, advisory and corporate investigation consultancy with a regional focus on the Balkans. Our mission is to help our clients better understand both the opportunities and challenges facing them in the south-east Europe. Often, our clients already have a degree of familiarity with the region. They turn to us for more detailed analysis of developments and trends or to investigate a particular problem, because our unique mix of knowledge and expertise gives us a competitive edge over others.

We pride ourselves on being based within the region and across the region. This allows our analysts to be immersed in a web of information right at its source. Part of their daily routine is to talk to government officials, opposition politicians, diplomats, economists, lawyers and various analysts. All of this is then transformed into insights that our clients need to navigate the web of complexity that the region represents from a political, business, regulatory and compliance point of view.

Uniquely, our team of analysts and experts combines a mix of deep local knowledge together with an understanding of the needs and best practices of our clients based outside the region. Our network includes experienced journalists, political and economic analysts and individuals who have worked with international organisations – both political and financial- in the region. It also includes analysts who have worked directly with European and US political risk and corporate investigations consultancies.